October 29, 2008

Kids In Public Schools

I have been surfing the net all day of course. I ran across a website that helps public schools. My boys they go to public schools, I don't think I would have it any other way. 1.) They are in the mix of all children of all races learning to be equal not just at home but at school too. 2.) They interact with the neighborhood kids 3.) The education is getting better however there are things that the kids still need like books. My son ask me to help him with his math homework. Now I know that I am smarter that a 5th grader but I too need a little directions. He tells me that he can not bring his math book home because there are not enough books to go around. How in the world are our kids going to compete with other countries if there are no books. I did not believe him when he told me there was not enough books. I said "Nic-Nac stop lying to me what parent in their right mind would not believe there is not enough books". Hell even when I was in school the books were old and torn but everyone had a book to take home at night. He said no Mama for real call my teacher. So I did just that and the teacher said there was not enough books to go home so she does not teach much from the book. All I could say was WOW! There is a website that does just that, this site helps kids in public schools receive the things they need. The site is DonorsChoose.org you get to choose the program, the state, and so on. Go ahead check it out and support your local public school



~Juanita~ said...

Wow, that's a really great website. I just checked it out. I'm going to tell my children's teachers about this. My kids go to public school too.

I see projects on their that were not yet funded. I wonder how hard it is or isn't to get the donations or funds needed.

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