November 03, 2008

My Closet Sucks!!!!!!

We all have been there. When your first child is born you stop shopping in the teenybopper section and head straight for the infants. When they get older you go to the toddler department. Saying I get me something later. Then when later comes you wind up in the boys department. I'm gonna get you this one thing you tell them then I'm gonna go get mama something OK. But then you start the shopping for them and everything looks so cute on them as they are growing into nice young men. Then the inevitable happens your pregnant again and you start all over in the infant section then the toddler section. When will mama get something nice for her. Well it is time to start now mama had noticed these bad a$$ shades.

Trust me ya'll baby steps. These shades are from Inspired Shades. At Inspired Shades there shades are compared to top designer shades with a better price. These shades are compared to Dior. Dior's similar style shades will cost you about $320 where at Inspired Shades these sunglasses only cost $19.95.( Wow Great Deal) I know that it is almost winter but I rock my shades in the winter time too. Sun glare occurs in the winter months too ya know. Why not get a pair of shades in the off months because you know when summer comes back around the prices of shades are gonna go up because they will be more in demand. So come with me and check out the Free Shipping at Inspired Shades on any purchase!


~Juanita~ said...

Yes, we've all been there. I'm still there and find it hard to treat myself to anything!

I love shades. I like the price on these, because they look good too.

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